Race Start Time: September 7, 2024 – Time: 09:00

Location Start / Finish: Kemerburgaz City Forest SPX Park

Course Length: 15K

Elevation: 280m ±

Cut-Off Time: 180 minutes (Three hours)

For the 15K course, a health report or a valid athlete license without restrictions is required.

Participants must be 18 years old or above to join the race.

All participants who complete the race will receive a commemorative medal.

Podium Categories:

Overall Male / Female Classification

Male / Female 30-

Male / Female 30+

Male / Female 40+

Male / Female 50+

Male / Female 60+

Mandatory Equipment:

Bib Number (Provided by the Organization)

Timing Chip (Provided by the Organization)


Mobile Phone (Emergency numbers of the organization must be saved.)

Note: Walking sticks (poles) can be used. If used, they must be carried until the end of the race and cannot be left at checkpoints.

Cp (Nutrition) Points:

Cp Name Km Food / Liquid Cut-Off
CP1 Göktürk 7,8 km Food + Liquid
Finish 15 km Food + Liquid 3 hours

The 15K Merrell Belgrade Short Trail offers a challenging trail experience through Kemerburgaz City Forest SPX Park, with diverse terrain and beautiful scenery.