The race is open to everyone aged 18 and above. Participants in the 15K, 30K, and 60K categories must possess a valid health certificate stating that they are fit for running, issued on or before September 5, 2024, or an athlete license approved by a sports federation (Athletics or Triathlon Federations). Relevant documents must be presented to the organizers before the race. Runners are required to have athletic preparation and wear appropriate clothing for different weather and natural conditions.


Only registered runners can participate in the race. Registrations will be conducted through via APPHURRA.COM. Clicking on the registration button will redirect you to the registration page. The deadline for registration is August 28, 2024.

The deadline for course changes is August 7, 2024. Once the participant limit is reached, no transitions to other courses will be allowed. Each individual is allowed to change the course once.

Registration Conditions:

The organization reserves the right to change the registration fee under certain conditions.

  11.03.2024-01.05.2024 02.05.2024-30.06.2024 01.07.2024 – 26.08.2024
5k 500 TL 600 TL 700 TL
15k 700 TL 800 TL 900 TL
30k 800 TL 900 TL 1.000 TL
60k 900 TL 1.100 TL 1.300 TL

The registration fee includes:

-Bib number

-Time measurement

-Running shirt

-Food and drink support at checkpoints along the course

-Finisher medal for participants who successfully complete the race

Cup and Award Distribution:

Participants who do not receive their cup and award during the award ceremony will not have them sent later.

Participants who do not receive their award during the ceremony will be considered to have forfeited their award.

Cancellation and Refund:

Cancellation requests will only be accepted with a doctor and hospital-approved health problem, excluding other reasons. Cancellation requests must be communicated in writing to No registration fee refunds will be made after August 28, 2024. Refunds will be made in the same way as the payment was made by the participant, either to the same bank account for bank transfers or the same credit card for credit card payments.

In the event of bad weather conditions or similar factors beyond the organization’s control, leading to the race being stopped or canceled, registration fees will not be refunded.


No supporter assistance is allowed for participants in the 5K and 15K courses.

For the 30K course, supporter assistance is permitted at Cp1 Göktürk, Cp2 Maceraparkı, and nutrition points according to the specified rules.

For the 60K course, supporter assistance is allowed at Cp1 Göktürk, Cp2 Maceraparkı, Cp3 Ayazma, Cp4 Kısırkaya Plajı, and Cp5 Orman Yolu nutrition points following the specified rules.

Supporters are allowed 100 meters before and after the designated Cp (nutrition) points.

Supporters interfering with chip scanning and nutrition services at Cp (nutrition) points will result in the disqualification of the supported participant.

Supporter assistance is not allowed in the 30K and 60K courses except at the designated Cp (nutrition) points. Participants not adhering to this rule will be disqualified.


The organization reserves the right to make changes, including stopping, shortening, or canceling the race, to ensure the safety of participants in case of adverse weather conditions (e.g., dense fog, storm). Such changes will be communicated to participants at checkpoints before or during the race, and participants are obligated to comply with the decisions.

Health teams and/or ambulances will be present at important checkpoints during the race, as well as at locations deemed necessary by the organization. Health teams may conduct health checks on participants and prevent them from continuing the race if they are deemed unfit or pose a health risk. Participants must comply with the decisions made.


The race is open to everyone. Participants in the 15K, 30K, and 60K categories must have a 6-month health certificate or an approved athlete license from a sports federation, which confirms their fitness for running. Relevant documents must be presented to the organization before the race. (Health reports are not required for the 5K category.)

Participants race at their own risk by signing the Risk Acceptance Form.

Participants can receive partial supplies and assistance at specified points according to the principles of partial self-sufficiency. There are mandatory materials, clothing, food, and drinks that participants must carry.

Participants must always wear their bib numbers.

Participants must be present at the starting point at the specified time according to the race schedule.