Participants, by registering for the Belgrade Ultra Trail, agree to and declare acceptance of the participation conditions. In this context:

  • The race is open to individuals aged 18 and above. Participants in the 15K, 30K, and 60K categories must possess a valid health certificate dated September 5, 2024, stating their fitness for running or an athlete license approved by a sports federation. Relevant documents will be presented to the organizers before the race. Runners are required to have athletic preparation and wear suitable attire for different weather and environmental conditions.
  • If participants are not allowed to attend the Belgrade Ultra Trail due to national or local laws, the organizer will not be held responsible.
  • Only one entry/registration is allowed per person.
  • The organizer reserves the right to verify all participant identification information. Registrations with incorrect data regarding identity will be deemed inappropriate.
  • The organizer retains the right to limit the total number of participants. In such a case, participants will be informed through the www.belgradultratrail.com page.
  • In cases where special category races exist, the organizer reserves the right to determine the minimum and maximum number of participants, as announced in a timely manner on www.belgradultratrail.com.
  • Participation in the Belgrade Ultra Trail is solely at the discretion of the organizer. The organizer’s decision on all matters related to the event is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.


  • To register for the Belgrade Ultra Trail and access all related information, please visit www.belgradultratrail.com. The contact information provided during your registration will be used to communicate necessary updates to you.
  • The data below will be published on the lists and results on www.belgradultratrail.com (Name, surname, nationality, age group, club/company affiliation if specified). The timing and location of the publication of the event’s starting lists and results will be announced on www.belgradultratrail.com.
  • The right to participate in the Belgrade Ultra Trail is personal, and race numbers and participation rights are non-transferable.
  • Before the Belgrade Ultra Trail race, at any time, a participant may withdraw from the event. If a decision is made to withdraw from the event, regardless of any force majeure, the fee will not be refunded, and the right to transfer your entry to another person will not be possible. I acknowledge that I have information and experience regarding the various risks associated with trail running and outdoor sports at the Belgrade Ultra Trail. I accept that risks in outdoor sports cannot be completely eliminated, limited first aid services are available, and I must fully comply with the rules announced by the organization for maximum safety. I acknowledge that I am personally responsible for any accidents and injuries that may occur before, during, and after the race. I understand that I must pick up my race kit from the locations specified on www.belgradultratrail.com, presenting my national ID with my Turkish Republic ID number, a health certificate approved by a doctor dated at least 6 months before the race, and the mandatory equipment specified by the organization. I acknowledge that if I do not pick up my race kit before the specified date, I will not have any claims for race kit materials afterward.
  • I accept the information regarding gear check-in. I understand that I must deliver my numbered bag to the gear check-in area at the times specified on the organization’s website, and if I fail to do so within these hours, the officials will not accept the bags. I acknowledge that I should not keep valuables, money, phone, wallet, etc., in my bag, and I am personally responsible if my bag is lost. I understand that if I leave my bag outside the designated area or vehicle, I may experience difficulty in accessing my bag, and therefore, the organizing institution and officials have no responsibility.


  • Participation in the Belgrade Ultra Trail can be secured through www.belgradultratrail.com and www.apphurra.com, using credit card and debit card options. All taxes and fees are included in the payment. Registration will be complete after payment is made. Payments made with credit and debit cards are binding, non-deferrable, non-exchangeable, non-transferable, and non-refundable according to local written law. If the organizer cancels the event for any reason or for no reason, or if the date, city, course, race kilometers, or location of the event is changed, the registration fee will not be refunded under any circumstances. After a successful payment, a contractual relationship based on these participation conditions is directly established between the organizer and the participant. These participation conditions constitute the terms of the contract.
  • The organizer reserves the right to adjust and change the registration fee locally for any reason during the registration period.
  • The participant in the Belgrade Ultra Trail will not be reimbursed for travel expenses and other expenses incurred for any reason. The organizer will not have any responsibility for transportation or accommodation expenses, cancellation, and change fees related to changes or cancellations the organizer may make.
  • The sole consideration for the registration fee is the race number, chip, and the right to participate in the Belgrade Ultra Trail.
  • The decision to award the first-place participant is solely at the discretion of the organizer. If the organizer chooses to award prizes, they reserve the right to change, cancel, and/or replace any or all of the prizes with prizes of similar value. Cash alternatives will not be provided for prizes, and prizes are non-transferable and non-refundable. The organizer’s decision regarding all awards related to the Belgrade Ultra Trail is final.
  • If the winning participant does not claim their prize within the time specified by the organizer and in accordance with the organizer’s instructions (within the first 5 days after the end of the race), they will be deemed to have waived the prize, and the organizer reserves the right to determine an alternative winner.
  • Organizers and their contractors may contact you via email, phone, or other means in relation to Belgrad Ultra Trail. The participant has the right to request the complete or partial modification and/or deletion of these personal data at any time. In such a case, the organizer will ensure the appropriate deletion of these data as soon as possible.
  • Delayed registrations will not be accepted after the race start. In case of losing the chip or race bib number, participation in the event becomes impossible, and the organizer does not accept any responsibility or refund the participation fee for such cases.
  • In the event of disqualification, the organizer is not obliged to publish this situation.
  • The participant determines their physical condition entirely at their own responsibility regarding their participation in Belgrad Ultra Trail, and the organizer cannot be held responsible for any medical/health issues of the participant.
  • All choices regarding race categories are the responsibility of the participant and do not bind the organizer. The organizer is not responsible if a participant injures themselves during actions related to Belgrad Ultra Trail. In cases deemed necessary, the organizer may refer the participant to a healthcare institution. The expenses related to medical care that may be applied to the participant in a healthcare institution are not the responsibility of the organizer and are covered by the participant.
  • During the registration period, the organizer reserves the right to add new race routes, make changes to existing routes, and provide new information about the routes. Any information provided by the organizer regarding the routes serves a specific informational purpose and does not have a binding effect on the organizer.
  • It is mandatory to comply with the instructions of the organizer and race personnel. In case of disobedience that disturbs the proper course of the event or endangers the safety of the participants, the organizer is authorized to ban or disqualify the relevant individual from the event at any time. Healthcare personnel have the authority to make decisions about the participants. It is confirmed that the organizer, race personnel, or collaboration partners are not responsible in any way for the participant in case of injury, etc. The participant acknowledges that the organizer will retain all legal rights in case of any harm caused by the participant.
  • The organizer may create discrepancies in the distances related to the race, change the distances of the run, and change the nature of the run that the relevant federation represents. For the well-being of the participant and everyone else, it is mandatory to comply with the race and safety rules of the organizer. The organizer or race personnel may refuse the participation of the participant at any time. The organizer cannot be held responsible for the failure to fulfill its obligations under the Participation Terms for reasons beyond its control or for late fulfillment. The organizer, at its sole discretion, may provide parking, storage, changing facilities, and/or cleaning facilities at the Event Area. However, the use of these facilities is the sole responsibility of the participant, and the organizer is not responsible for any loss or damage arising from the use of these facilities.
  • All official procedures related to Belgrad Ultra Trail will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the city where the event takes place.
  • I acknowledge and commit that the Organization Producer has the sole discretion to decide on the postponement or cancellation if the race day conditions are deemed unsafe. In case of the Event being postponed or canceled due to natural disasters (wind, heavy rain, rain, hail, storm, tornado, earthquake, etc., including but not limited to), terrorist incidents, state of emergency, fire, strike threat or strike situation, labor shortages, work stoppages, uprising, war, public uprising, flood, inevitable loss of life, race course conditions, or any other reason beyond the control of the Organization Producer or at the request of local authorities, the Participant agrees that the Organization Producer will not refund the Participation Fee and other expenses related to the Event.

“I have freely read the total of 6 main articles and sub-articles, the registration and participation conditions of Belgrad Ultra Trail. I confirm that the font sizes and writing language are clear and understandable, and I participate in the race by accepting all the details in the Registration and Participation Conditions and committing not to challenge any article.